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CEO: Victor J. Delgado

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4805 Main Street,
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About victor

From as far back as he can recall, Victor Delgado has had a love of music. It was in Norwalk California that he was raised and picked up the bass guitar at the young age of 13, making him far from a stranger to the music scene. In addition to his interest in music, Victor also loved the game of football and believe it or not at one time he wanted to become a professional football player. However due to a football injury at the age of 17, any dream of a sports career was over.
During the course of his musical career Victor dabbled in many different aspects of the music world. For a time he was involved in directing music videos for GoldStar Music Productions but for the most part he spent much of his time playing in many professional rock bands. This gave him not only great experience in dealing with people, but this is where he really got a feel for what the music world was all about. This made him a natural when it came to sales at the mega music store chain called “The Guitar Center”. Victor was one of a very few pioneers who helped pave the way for Guitar Center to go from 14 stores to more than 240 stores nation wide. During the course of his 9 year career at The Guitar Center he had the good fortune of dealing with such recording artists as Freddie Fender, Mark Farner, Los Lobos, Stryper, No Doubt, Alan Holdsworth and Social Distortion just to name a few. Victor received much recognition with rewards and certificates as a top ten sales person with the mega music chain. It was his belief that the customer deserved 100% customer satisfaction and it showed in his success. To this day his belief is no different and this is the way that he continues to run his own business which has expanded and thrived making The Music Lab, a household name in the surrounding communities. He is proud to sell Fender guitars, the #1 selling guitar in the world.
The Music Lab was founded in 1990 in Santa Ana California. After the first 3 years Victor moved the company from Santa Ana to Yorba Linda California where The Music Lab now operates. His original dream was to create an atmosphere and place where people of all ages could come learn and grow into their musical potential. He always says “I can’t believe I get paid to do this. I meet so many wonderful people at The Music Lab.”

When Victor is not at The Music Lab he is spinning plates on a variety of projects. One of his accomplishments is as founder and producer of The Irvine Lake Blues Festival in Irvine California which is coming up on its 10th year now. Victor is also a professional recording engineer and record producer. He even has aspirations of starting his own record company. Victor is currently Executive Producer of online international radio station along with Creative Director Derek Martin. In his spare time he likes to find ways to give back to the community, so he stays involved with various charities which arise throughout the year. All of this and more summarizes his life so far, and there is just no telling what he will do next. Often when one asks Victor how he has gotten where he is now his response is “Always Believe!”.