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School of Rock

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Keyboards, Bagpipes..etc.

Everyone's Welcome!


Get out of the bedroom and stop playing alone! This is a class designed to have fun, make new friends and play the greatest rock songs of all time. We will perform songs from AC/DC, Van Halen, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Green Day and Nirvana just to name a few. The songs we have picked are easy to learn and you are eligible to play if you have two years of playing experience and have very basic music theory knowledge. That is all that is required to rock with us! School of Rock will supply a CD of the songs and sheet music that will be used.

The School of Rock is hour classes in a performance rehearsal environment with other students. Your teacher will show you the songs during your weekly lessons. The School of Rock will supply guitar amplifiers, drums, vocal PA system and all other necessary professional equipment to give you the best live playing experience. This is an eight-week class. The final week will be a performance in front of a live audience (pending intructor evaluation that the performers are "stage ready"). Screaming fans will be at your feet as you perform on a live stage, just like the movie! Record a live CD for yourself and your friends. We do not supply lipstick, makeup or stage clothes (you do that on your own)! So come on and enjoy the School of Rock, have fun and make new friends!
Our mission is to prepare young musicians for the challenges of performing live in a professional environment as a band with only one take in front of an audience...We're live!
Classes are $100 per month.