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"The Music Lab has been a perfect place for my 8 year old daugher to learn music. Through guitar, she's motivated to practice because The Music Lab made learning fun. She's acquired music theory while mastering tough, recognizable songs. Dave Koval "gets" kids and knows how to teach them to make the music cool and serious at the same time. We wouldn't go anywhere else. Thanks for making music an integral part of my child's life!"
~Anne Sinek (Brooke's Mom)
"My 3 sons have been customers of The Music Lab on and off over the last 10 years. As each child has their own interest in what instrument they like to play....drums, electric guitar & bass guitar, The Music Lab has been able to accomodate them with excellent instructors. The instructors have been able to keep their interest by making it fun while learning to read & play their music."
~Lisa V.
"I had enjoyed playing my "self taught" acoustic guitar for some time when I initially enrolled in The Music Lab. I joined because I had a long standing interest in also learning electric guitar and wanted a more efficient approach than self teaching. Choosing The Music Lab was one of the best decisions I've ever made! I was fortunate in meeting my instructor, Scott Gossard, who has ever since guided me in learning many of the numerous styles of playing (rock, jazz, classical, etc.), using popular artists' methods and styles to keep things interesting (and challenging!...I never appreciated how accomplished these performers are until I tried to play some of their material...they make it look easy!) ". I'm impressed with the instructor staff at The Music Lab...they're accomplished, personable, and they teach with patience. They also adapt their approach to the needs of their students. For example, I enjoy playing but have no ambition it becoming a studio musician, so Scott gives me just enough theory to help me understand what is in the music (but he's kind enough to back off when he starts to see smoke coming out of my ears!). I also appreciate that The Music Lab is professionally run. Lesson schedules are adhered to, accounts are accurately maintained, and the teaching studios and showroom areas are always comfortable and well maintained. I enjoy my weekly lesson visits. Victor and his team do it right. Over 15 years as a student....and that's no typo!!"
~Tom Rooney
"I have had a great time learning to play the guitar. I've gotten so much better then when I started, and I will continue to play guitar until I am much older and will remember all that I have learned at The Music Lab. My teacher Scott is very helpful to me and he has taught me many things I will remember when I am older."
~Bijan Hadady
"Our daughter's experience with The Music Lab for the past 8 years has been nothing short of exemplary! We have seen her transform from an extremely shy 6 year old into a very confident performer at the age of 14. Her Music Lab instructors in voice and guitar have given her the tools, guidance and confidence to accomplish her goals. The Lab has been instrumental in all of Megan's successes thus far and will continue to be an integral part of her life for years to come. Thank you Music Lab...we are truly grateful!"
~Gretchen and Doug Walton
"My daughter has been taking guitar lessons at The Music Lab for almost 2 years. It has been great. The instructor encourages her to learn music she enjoys rather than requiring her to learn pre-selected pieces. She has been given the tools to learn and grow instead of just memorizing a song. She is learning about her instrument, music theory and even songwriting. Thanks to The Music Lab my daughter is excited about her music and plays for the enjoyment instead of looking at practice as a chore. Thank You."
~Debora Allen
"I appreciate the variety of services that The Music Lab offers. Being able to take lessons with my family in a familiar environment & convenient location has been a wonderful experience. Anyone seeking professional instruction should give The Music Lab a call!"
~Lisa Hickerson
"My experience at The Music Lab has been really great. When you first go in there the overall atmosphere is inviting. Your know that if you attend lessons here you are going to come out extremely satisfied. The teachers at The Music Lab are really talented and are very good teachers. The personal lessons make it so that you can go at your own pace and don't have to go the same speed as other people if you learned with a group. I feel like the lessons I've gotten from my guitar teacher, Randy, has made me a better guitarist that I ever hoped to be. Randy is a really awesome teacher. I know I would not be as good as I am today if it weren't for him. I also took drum lessons from Ray. Every lesson that I had with him was fun and always exciting. He is a wonderful teacher. I have really enjoyed my lessons at The Music Lab and I hope that I stay here for a few more years."
~Jerel Breseno
"We have found The Music Lab to be a great place to learn the fundamentals of learning to read music while playing a variety of genres. The 1 to 1 instruction has been invaluable. We strongly recommend The Music Lab for anyone who wants to have a fun time learning to be a musician."
~Kimberly Robins
"I feel The Music Lab has made me a better singer and person through their teachers. I've been with Courtney Chambers for about 2 1/2 years now, and in that time I've learned so much about singing. Courtney is one of the most sweetest, kindest people I have ever known. I love you and I want to thank you for all that you've taught me and will teach me."
~Stephanie Ayer
"My Son & I started lessons at The Music Lab two years ago at ages 10 & 37. The program has been nothing short of excellent. We are now efficient at reading & playing music, not to mention Austin's improved grades at school. We are looking forward to the future with The Music Lab. "
~Jeff & Austin Thomas